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Content is key! I'm not your typical web designer merely pasting text directly from your materials. I assist you in articulating your site's purpose, choosing your target audience, reviewing program materials, and finding the best materials to convey your message.

Each site is designed to reflect the unique character of your organization or small business. Web sites I design for my clients are one-of-a-kind.

Whether I am creating a new site for you or redesigning an existing site, I adhere to the following web design process:


Initial meeting to discuss your goals and needs. This is where we review your web site plan. Remember a web site plan is a questionnaire that will help you organize your ideas.


After appropriate materials have been received from the client, I develop a blueprint of your web pages for review.


Once the blueprint is approved, I will begin to design your web site paying particular attention to content, theme, navigation, and compatibility.

In addition, I also offer a maintenance agreement to keep your site up to date. Remember a static site is a dead site. Keeping your content fresh is imperative. I can update your site daily, weekly, or monthly for an affordable price.